The BB&G Advantage

Advantage: BB&G

BB&G has extensive relationships with institutional investors across the life settlements marketplace. 

We market our clients’ polices across the entire spectrum of the market, not just a small sampling. But there’s more to marketing a life settlement than simply bombarding investors with opportunity – it takes relationships AND precision to bring the best returns for clients.  At BB&G, not only do we have a large number of relationships, but we also have a firm understanding of each potential investor’s desired criteria.building_Image-150x150

Decades Upon Decades of Experience

World War II ended nearly 70 years ago – and that’s when founding partner Edward Brown started in the life insurance business.  Our family has thrived in the insurance business ever since, and we’ve experienced the entire lifecycle of the life settlements industry.  The BB&G Life Settlements practice is led by Steven Brown, grandson of founder Ed Brown.  Steven is a former actuary and management consultant who offers tremendous perspective across the entire spectrum of life insurance products and services.  He has significant experience pricing insurance, conducting valuations, analyzing insurance plan data and designing new insurance products.

Steven and his team offer the best in client service and support throughout the entire settlement process.  They have a keen understanding of which funding sources to approach depending upon the client’s unique situation, and they know how to maximize the size of the offer for each case.  That’s precisely how Steven’s group has experienced such unprecedented success in life settlements since the 1990’s.